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Hitting Biomechanics

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2D Vs. 3D

Hitting & Pitching are 3 Dimensional activities and therefore require a 3 dimensional measuring device.

Two dimensional video is a great coaching tool and can supply immediate feedback to coaches and players. However as a research tool, it does not have the same value and the information obtained may be misleading.

The only way to measure human movement accurately is by using multiple-angle “High Speed” camera motion capture, turning two dimensional “frozen” frame video into 3 dimensional reconstructed or animated computer images.

By converting an image from a video to a 3-D animated figure, it’s possible for our computers to measure and display data that would otherwise be impossible; such as

  1. An overhead view directly over the hitter or pitcher making it possible to measure such things as shoulder / hip separation.  The only way to quantitatively measure hip and shoulder separation in a live game is with 3D analysis
  2. Superimpose one image over the top of another image making it possible to compare a swing or delivery when a player is performing well vs when he is struggling. Or comparing a professional to an amateur.
  3. Using multiple exposure images to track movement patterns and trajectory parabolas
  4. Tracking the body’s center of mass throughout the motion.
  5. Most Importantly, the ability to measure movements in 3 dimensions accurately
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