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Hitting Biomechanics

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Bio-Kinetics was founded in 1986 with the goal of improving athletic performance through the latest computer and video technology. For more than 30 years Bio-Kinetic has been compiling motion analysis research while working with dozens of Major League teams including some of the top players and coaches in Major League Baseball. BIO-KINETICS is the only motion analysis company of its kind with a 3 Dimensional Major League Baseball database taken from live Major League competition.

Past and present professional contributors to Bio Kinetics:

Dr. Tony Stellar, Founder Bio Kinetics Research & Development
Alan Blitzblau, Co – Founder Bio Kinetics Research & Development
Dr. Gideon Arial, Arial Dynamics
Dr. Katherine M Barthels, California Polytechnic State University
Dr. Coop DeRenne, University of Hawaii – Manoa
Dr. Iain Hunter, Brigham Young University
Bob Wainwright, Physical Therapists
Dr. Al Finch, Indiana State University
Tom Robson, Texas Rangers, New York Mets, Cincinnati Reds
Don Rowe, Milwaukee Brewers
Tom House, Texas Rangers

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