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Hitting Biomechanics

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Who Can Benefit


Hitting: Develop a more efficient swing that creates more bat speed in less time while improving visual perceptional skills.

Pitching: Develop a more efficient delivery that will increase velocity with more command and less stress on the throwing arm,

Prehab: Use our twenty five year database to develop an understanding of what healthy successful pitchers do bio-mechanically as well as understanding workloads and workouts programs.

Rehab: Improve your delivery while rehabbing from an injury. Develop a more efficient delivery that allows the body to absorb more of shock of the throw thus reducing the load on the throwing arm.


Motion analysis from Bio-Kinetics will arm the coach with precise and exact information to the nth degree of scientific accuracy backed by twenty five years of research! Taking all the guess out will allow the coach to provide better information to his players giving them a REAL chance to improve!


If a player is captured when he is hot and then the information is stored away in a database. Then the player is recaptured when he is struggling; it has our experience that once the player identifies what he is doing differently, he will then be able to make the proper adjustment to get back on track.


If a pitcher or hitter knows and understands his bio-mechanical make up and is then compared to the best in the game. It will help the player to understand how the best in the game got to where they are today and give him a measurable goal to train for.

Scouts & Recruiters:

College Recruiters and Professional Scouts have the impossible job of predicting the future. Motion analysis from Bio-Kinetics Research & Development will supply the evaluator with the information (through our twenty five year data base) to determine whether the athlete has the skills to truly play at the next level or if he is just out muscling the competition and to help determine the possible risk of injury to pitchers

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