About Bio Kinetics 3D Research & Development:

Bio Kinetics performed the first ACCEPTED marker-less tracking 3D motion analysis. The analysis was performed on Nolan Ryan September 19th 1988 during live Major League competition. The opposing pitcher was Orel Hershiser who was also captured for 3D analysis during that same game.

Nolan Ryan’s computer image from September 19th 1988

Bio-Kinetics Research & Development, baseball’s first analytic think tank, was founded in 1985 with the goal of improving athletic performance through the latest computer and video technology. For almost four decades Bio-Kinetics has been compiling a proprietary library of three-dimensional motion analysis research on the best hitters and pitchers in the game of baseball. BIO-KINETICS is the only motion analysis company of its kind with an extensive (nearly four- decades) three-dimensional biomechanical Major League database captured during live Major League competition.


In the 1970’s Dr. Gideon Ariel and Alan Blitzblau began collaborating to develop the first accepted three-dimensional motion analysis system. Alan Blitzblau, (who wrote the original APAS program for Dr Ariel) later co-founded Bio Kinetics along with Dr. Tony Stellar. It was the combination of these contributions that produced the single most detailed and precise data analytics. Still known as the most versatile and accurate system available, Bio Kinetics was the first recipient of the first system ever sold.

Current and former Research Team and Advisory Board Contributors: (1985 – 2022)

Dr. Tony Stellar Founder and Medical Contributor
Dr. Alan Blitzblau Founder and Biomechanical Program design
Dr. Peter Chalmers: Medical Contributor
Dr. Gideon Arial: Biomechanics Contributor, Inventor of 3D sports analysis technology
Dr. Katherine Barthels: Biomechanics Contributor, Text Book Author.
Dr. Coop DeRenne: Original Research Team Member, Research Contributor
Dr. Al Finch: Biomechanics and Exercise Science Contributor
Dr. Iain Hunter: Biomechanics Contributor
Dr. Bill Harrison: Visual Professional Contributor
Ryan Harrison: Visual Professional Contributor
Bob Keyes: Owner
Larry Keyes Exercise Science Contributor
Bob Wainwright: Physical Therapy, Biomechanics Contributor, Tech Support
Keith Chatelain: Analysis Technician
Dan Moffett: Analysis Technician
Kavin Keyes: Analysis Technician
Kyle Keyes: Analysis Technician
Murph Norris: Analysis Technician
Dylan Davis: Analysis Technician
John Sinclair: Analysis Technician
Bo Weiss: Analysis Technician
Mike Mathews: Physical Therapy
Don Rowe: Former Major League Pitching Coach
Tom House: Original Research Team Member, former Major League Pitcher and Coach
Tom Shaw: Exercise Science Professional Contributor
Bobby Valentine: Former Major League Player and Manager
Walt Weiss: Former Major League Player and Manager
Tom Robson: Former Major League Player and Hitting Coach