Bio Kinetics Research & Development Pitching & Hitting Laboratory Capabilities

34,000 square foot spilt-face block laboratory custom built in 2005, located in South Jordan, Utah.

Laboratory offices where all three-dimensional motion analysis are performed and then compared to our unique 35-year three-dimensional biomechanical database of the best major league hitters and pitchers captured during live competition.

The Arial Performance Analysis System APAS, developed by Dr. Gideon Arial and Bio Kinetics co-founder Alan Blitzblau.

High-speed, high-resolution cameras capable of capturing color video at more than 1000 frames per second in 2K.

Full Infield.

Pitching calibration cube – a unique design by Bio Kinetics that allows for rapid data collection while achieving high accuracy of measurement.

Custom designed pitching mounds with force plate capabilities and special Mondo surface.  High lumen non flickering lighting for high-speed, high- resolution video capture.  Two large monitors used for real-time pitch metrics and end-record, muti-angle video and computer image review immediately after pitch is thrown.

TRACKMAN projectile tracking for both the hitter and pitcher.

4,100 square foot weight room with Nolan Ryan throwing to Ted Williams life sizes computer images on the wall.

PlyoRack, specifically designed and manufactured by Bio Kinetics, and used to conduct dozens pitching and conditioning drills.

Portable Band-Stand, designed and manufactured by Bio Kinetics, allows up to 4 Athletes to perform band work in any location.

Long toss tarp placed at a distance up-to 150’ from the athlete with a high target mark of 40’ in height.

Conference room capable of seating 35 coaches or players.

Camera Slider – A unique design by Bio Kinetics allows for quick positioning of our phantom cameras just behind a right or left-handed pitcher for rapid pitch design data collection. Mounted on top of the slider is a 114 thousand lumens, none flickering back light that provides for the highest quality possible high speed / high resolution video.

Extra Large cages for live pitcher / hitter interface competition, 84’ Long X 20’ High X 20’ Wide

Pitching targets, designed and manufactured by Bio Kinetics, with adjustable pitching lanes and heights.