Hitting Analysis and Training

“WHY” Choose Bio Kinetics:

Hitting a baseball is a three-dimensional activity and therefore requires a three-dimensional measuring device. By-far the most valuable information is what you CAN’T see, forces, toques etc. Your three-dimensional report will contain a detailed analysis of your hitting technique performed using multiple high-speed, high-resolution video cameras and computerized motion analysis.

The results of your analysis are then presented in 5 sections each corresponding to an essential and invariant element of hitting mechanics. Using computer generated “computer images” to show body position and body movement at critical phases in your swing. Graphs of specific motion parameters are then generated for each phase. The analysis uses numerical measurements made from these graphs.

Performance Index:

In addition to writing the first three-dimensional analysis software, Bio Kinetics has also created a “Performance Index” based on 37 years of measuring the movement patterns of the greatest players in the world. Based on our exclusive library, we have the scientific evidence and understanding for how to achieve the optimal, healthiest, and most efficient hitting mechanics. We can numerically compare your biomechanics to some of the all-time greats, and equip you with the knowledge and tools for developing that “effortless power” which is a result of an efficient kinetic link, the proper kinematic sequence and optimal timing.


Using the same technology over the same time period, Bio Kinetics has performed hundreds of three-dimensional motion analysis on virtually every hitting drill you can imagine. Many of the drills we’ve studied did MUCH more harm than good! Based on the analyses results as well as the performance index, our computer will prescribe how to achieve the most optimal and most effective hitting mechanics for each individual athlete, adapted to his individual needs, taking the guess-work entirely out of the equation.


Player Development:

Are you getting better, regressing or staying the same? Once a player is “captured” from our multiple high-speed cameras, the video is then digitized into three-dimensional computerized images from which every aspect of performance is available to evaluate. Once the analysis is complete, the guess-work is taken out of the equation. This process arms our team, the player or coaching staff with the most valuable information possible, giving the player a real chance for required, individualized improvement.

Player Performance:

Keeping even the best players performing at a high level is a difficult task. Capturing players when they are performing well, and then storing the data away for safe keeping for the inevitable slow down, is a valuable tool obtained by using this technology. Once the work is complete on both the “before” and “after” analysis, the two studies are compared to find out just what the differences were when the player was performing well, versus when the player is struggling. Experienced hitting coaches can recognize many things the untrained eye cannot see, however, identifying the most important details of the baseball swing is well beyond human visual capacity because they simply cannot be seen by the human eye. But they stand out in bold relief using our analysis.

Player Safety:

As mentioned above, you can’t see force or torque!  Bio Kinetics was created because the baseball swing is too fast to see and is too important to miss. Hitting is a three-dimensional activity and therefore requires a three-dimensional measuring device.  In this day and age, you don’t have to look far for someone to perform three-dimensional motion analyses.  However, the results won’t mean a thing without a comprehensive understanding of what the healthy successful pitchers and hitters do biomechanically. BIO-KINETICS is the only motion analysis company of its kind with a three-Dimensional Major League Baseball database captured during live Major League competition. Three-dimensional motion analysis from Bio Kinetics is BY-FAR the best opportunity to extend your career.

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