Pitching Analysis and Training

“WHY” Choose Bio Kinetics:

Pitching is a three-dimensional activity and therefore require a three-dimensional measuring device.  By-far the most valuable information is what you CAN’T see, forces, toques etc.  Your three-dimensional report will contain a detailed analysis of your pitching technique performed using multiple high-speed, high-resolution video cameras and computerized motion analysis.   

The results of your analysis are then presented in 5 sections each corresponding to an essential and invariant element of pitching mechanics.  Using computer generated “computer images” to show body position and body movement at critical phases in your swing.  Graphs of specific motion parameters are then generated for each phase. The analysis uses numerical measurements made from these graphs.

Performance Index:

In addition to writing the first three-dimensional analysis software, Bio Kinetics has also created a “Performance Index” based on 37 years of measuring the movement patterns of the greatest players in the world. Based on our exclusive library, we have the scientific evidence and understanding for how to achieve the optimal, healthiest, and most efficient pitching mechanics. We can numerically compare your biomechanics to some of the all-time greats, and equip you with the knowledge and tools for developing that “effortless power” which is a result of an efficient kinetic link, the proper kinematic sequence and optimal timing.


Using the same technology over the same time period, Bio Kinetics has performed hundreds of three-dimensional motion analysis on virtually every pitching drill you can imagine. Many of the drills we’ve studied did MUCH more harm than good! Based on the analyses results as well as the performance index, our computer will prescribe how to achieve the most optimal and most effective pitching mechanics for each individual athlete, adapted to his individual needs, taking the guess-work entirely out of the equation.

Program Fees:

3D Motion Analysis:

Please text for details on three-dimensional motion analysis and training. 801-561-1700

2D (30Hz):

Quick, Easy & Cost Effective

Quick: Through your IPhone, tablet or Handy Cam Bio Kinetics will bring our professional instructors from our biomechanical lab, right into your home. This is the same staff that is performing three-dimensional motion analyses on Major League pitchers and hitters every day for the last 37 years.

Easy: Your video can be captured from a batting tee in your back yard, a bullpen, live game competition or we can evaluate a dry swing or delivery from your garage or living room. This will allow you to take a lesson anytime and from anywhere.

Cost Effective: We have three payment options; you can either purchase one online motion analysis video lesson for $300.00 or a recurring monthly membership for $250.00, 6 – months, or $200.00, 1 – year. The monthly membership includes a video lesson each month plus a video call, six or twelve month minimum, cancel at any time after contract is up.

How it Works:

Step 1: Chose the plan that best fits your needs, register and submit your videos. Once we receive your registration, you will then be placed into our schedule.

Step 2: Your personal instructor will contact you to schedule your analysis phone conference.

Step 3: Your report based on our 37 years of biomechanical research will be emailed before your call takes place. Depending on our current workload’s, this could take a couple of days up to a couple of weeks.

2D Video Motion Analysis



  • 2D Video Analysis
  • Performance Index
  • One Video Call

Monthly 2D Video Motion Analysis

$250.00 (6-Month Commitment)


  • 2D Video Analysis
  • Performance Index
  • One Video Call

Yearly 2D Video Motion Analysis

$200.00 (1-Year Commitment)


  • 2D Video Analysis
  • Performance Index
  • One Video Call