Private Lessons (5 LESSON PACKAGE)


“WHY” Choose Bio Kinetics:
Bio Kinetics has performed 3D Motion Analysis on the best Major League Hitters and Pitchers during live competition in five separate decades. Those analysis includes 25 Hall of Famers, 18 MVP’s, 10 Cy Young Award Winners, 14 Batting Titles, 53 Silver Slugger Awards and 114 All-Stars.

In Person Training:

$300.00 ($60.00 per 40-minute workout sessions).

Lessons are divided into 3 parts.

Part 1: (Warm-Up)

Player is provided with a warm-up routine. (10 Minutes individually)

Part 2: (Diagnosis)

Player workout (20 Minutes with instructor)

Part 3, (Prescription)

Player works on the information discussed during the workout. (10 Minutes individually)

Remote Training:

Lessons may be conducted on Zoom or FaceTime. (20 Minutes)